Electric 450ml Protein Shaker Mixer Bottle - Option for USB or Battery

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Highly powerful mixing power to instantly dissolve your protein poweder in seconds.

You can choose between replaceable batteries (3 x AAA batteries) or with a built-in USB charger models.

Mix your pre-workout, workout, post-workout powder with water or milk by the powerful vortex created by the motor.

Save valuable time with this portable shaker that isn't heavier than your conventional shaker: Just add water, add your protein scoops, press the button and your shake is ready in less than 30 seconds: No lumps or leaks!

Perfect gift for gym goer and fitness enthusiasts

Please note that there are no cutting blades in this product and you cannot use it to crush fruits/grains. 

Material: stainless steel surface, food grade safety pc

Dimensions (height, ) 7.8cm